Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Driving the new Mastercraft!

I've never had a summer that didn't consist of me spending countless hours on the lake.  My family has always had a cabin at a lake about 20 minutes from our home, so every Friday during the summer we make the trip up, spend the weekend with family and friends, and then make the drive back home on Sunday night.  As a kid, my two best friends also had cabins at the lake, so this only child always had someone to play with!  Tubing, skiing, "painting the dock" with water and a paintbrush, diving contests, playing in the paddle boat, jetskis, and swimming for hours--those words conjure up the image of summer as a kid to me. We've always had a ski boat too, but I never had any interest in learning to drive it. I much preferred doing activities behind the boat or, as I got older, sitting on the pontoon boat and being driven around while I listened to music and read a book or magazine.

My 11 year old cousin has been dying to get a Mastercraft Wakeboard boat for over a year. He's even been to the Mastercraft factory and gotten to see how they are made! So, my dad finally caved and ended up buying a white and blue Mastercraft X45 for us to enjoy! Its huge--enough seating capacity for 18 people! Anyway, I now have incentive to learn to drive the new boat...that way I can take it out with friends through the week while my family is at work! So, on Sunday afternoon (my first time on the new boat) after riding around and soaking up some sun, I took the wheel and started learning how to handle it. I've still got to figure out how to park it though.....

Welcome, Summer 2011!

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