Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lilly Giveaway....Why wouldn't I be interested?


A chance to win more fabulous Lilly Pulitzer clothes/shoes/accessories? Its this southern girl's favorite, so of course I'm entering a giveaway instead of working on a project that's due later in the week!  Check out her blog at http://www.longdistanceloving.net/2011/11/jungle-glam-giveaway-via-lilly-pulitzer.html to enter!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2 Blogs in 1 Week

Who am I? Here's a few pictures of my fall semester, including Halloween last night. So excited for all the fun November holds (but definitely not excited about all the work I have to do between now and finals)!

 Soaking wet at the first Tennessee game of the season
 My first ever race--Cooper Young 4 Miler
 Chancey's Rehearsal Dinner
 I was a bridesmaid for the second time this year
 Dressed up as "Bike Cops" for ASP Bowling Tournament
 Having SO much fun out with friends
 Halloween Party...he sure doesn't look like Mickey Mouse!
Sorority Sisters and Fraternity Brothers

 Jason Aldean Concert
Some of my Pharmacy School Favorites
Happy November!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Surviving the Last Month of Classes

Its already Halloween?! Tomorrow is November?! I turn 25 on Thursday?!

Where has this year gone?

This has been my favorite semester of Pharmacy School so far. We've got fewer classes, less busy work, and more time for fun!  I'm so thankful for the group of friends I have gained through graduate school...who knew that the people I met and befriended at Pharmacy Weekend three years ago would become some of my best friends? We are a big (sometimes dysfunctional) family, but I genuinely love the people who I've spent nearly every day of the last two and a half years with.  We are down to 27 days of classes left together before we split up for rotations...while thrilled on one hand to get out of the classroom and practice what I'll actually be doing in life, I'm also really sad that I won't be seeing my friends day in and day out. I'm even more sad that one of my best friends (also my boyfriend) is moving to Nashville in December to start his rotations there.

Thank goodness Pharmacy School has slowed down some, because my MBA program is good at keeping me occupied! I'm taking two classes this semester (one online and one that I actually attend class for) and while they aren't difficult, they definitely require work.  Its hard to be working on stuff for those classes when all my pharmacy school friends are relishing in the fact that we don't have much to do! I do think this program is going to be worth my time as far as my future career goes.  While I want to practice as a pharmacist for a while, I can't imagine working 14 hour days when I have a family to take care of. Hopefully this MBA will allow me to get into hospital administration work or distract managing a pharmacy chain.

My parents always said that the older you get, the faster time goes. I'm currently experiencing this phenomenon in my life...where has 2011 gone? How can it almost be 2012? How am I turning 25 this week?  Turning 25 seems like a milestone to me, however silly that may seem. I'm a quarter of a century old. I'm in my mid-late 20s. I've been terrified to turn 25 for the longest time, mostly because my life isn't what I always thought it would be by the time I reached this age.  While I'm not married or planning a family (hey, I'm from the south...I'm a rarity here!), I'm truly going to be able to say that I did things for me. I've gone somewhere far from home to get an education (6 hours is a lot for me!), I'm going to graduate from a top 15 graduate school, I'm going to have 2 graduate degrees (a doctorate and an MBA), and I've done it because its the best thing for me. No one else influenced my decision, and I didn't settle for an unfulfilled life to please someone else. I'm convinced that 25 is going to be one of the best years of my life, and I can't wait to see what it has in store for me!

Back to watching lectures, working on a patient presentation, and getting ready for our Halloween Party tonight!

Friday, September 16, 2011

to Fathom God's Faithfulness

I'm in shock. There's really no better way to describe it.
A guy in my class had a change of heart this morning about where he was going to travel abroad for his international rotation, making it not only possible for me to go to Europe, but also for me to go with my travel partner of choice. I've spent the past several days on my knees about this, praying that there would be a way for me to get to travel Europe through this opportunity, but had pretty much given up on the thought of Kirsten and I getting to travel together. I spent the morning with my hands shaking during class because I was so nervous about the selection process....I hate when things are out of my control. After it was all said and done, Kirsten and I will be in Stockholm, Sweden for a month in April 2013 and will have the chance to travel for the month beforehand with 4 other girls from school.
Praise the Lord, He is ever faithful! I've always known this, but sometimes its nice to be slapped in the face with the goodness of His hand! Thank you, Lord!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Juggling Life

Its been a full month since I've blogged, and this is largely due to the fact that I'm trying to settle down into school again! This year I'm a graduate student x2....I'm not only finishing my last semester of didactic course work in pharmacy school, but I'm also taking two classes in pursuit of my MBA. Effectively, I'm taking 22 hours of classes this semester! Add on top of that the fact that my class is currently trying to finish up the selection process for our rotations that start this January, and you have yourself one chaotic month.

It hasn't been all work and no play though....I've already made a trip to Knoxville to watch my VOLS play, I've made my last trip to the lake for the year (very sad about that...it rained pretty much all of Labor Day weekend), I've caught up with friends from pharmacy school, and am headed to a Bachelorette Weekend (my 3rd this year....yikes) this weekend.

I've got several recipes and projects I'm hoping to have the chance to try in the next few weeks.....Pinterest could be detrimental to my grades, but its great for creativity!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hosting a Bridal Shower

Lots of people say that your mid-twenties are a time to try new things, to figure out who you really are, and to settle into life post-college. For me, my mid-twenties has largely been about attending weddings! Wedding fever is in full swing in the south, and several of my good friends are in the process of starting their lives as Mr. and Mrs. My college best friend, Kat, got married last month, and one of my childhood best friends, Chancey is getting married in October!

Chancey is one of those people who has the most infectious laugh.  If she's laughing, you can't help but laugh along with her. My mom and I threw a bridal shower for her last night at our house and had a wonderful time! It was her first wedding event of several, and I'm sure the rest will be just as fun! She got amazing gifts!

 The Table

 Fruit Bowl (Confession: its fruit from Chik-fila! It was delicious and beat cutting up all that fruit myself!)
 Almond flavored cake with Chancey's new monogram

 Chicken Salad Tarts (foreground), CheeseBall and Crackers (background)
 Veggie Tray
 Caprese Salad Kabobs with Reduced Balsamic Vinegar Glaze (my new favorite appetizer...I'm taking it everywhere!) I previously made it here
 White Chocolate Covered Strawberries (foreground), Pork Tenderloin on Rolls (background)
 Sheilah (hostess), Jeannie (Mother of the Bride), Chancey (Bride), Me (Hostess/Bridesmaid), Teresa (Hostess/My mom)
Lifelong Friends
 Chancey with 3 of her 5 Bridesmaids

We had a great turnout, I think in part because we held the shower on a Tuesday after work! Lots of guests came straight over from their jobs, instead of having to get out again after church on a Sunday.  We made sure to have some heartier food (pork tenderloin, chicken salad, etc), plus some wine--it is a party, afterall--to make sure our guests didn't go hungry!

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

My college best friend, Kat, got married almost two whole weeks ago! She was a beautiful bride and so calm throughout her big day! We've been friends through many ups and downs in both of our lives and I'm so thankful to have her in my life. Here are a few pictures from her big wedding weekend...
Rehearsal Dinner: Meghan, Kat, Me (college bffs)
Zeta Girls
Beautiful Bride and Best Friend, Kat
Favorite picture
My date, Darrin, who was such a good sport. The wedding weekend was busy!
Congratulations to Kat and Tyler! So happy for you and love you both!