Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hosting a Bridal Shower

Lots of people say that your mid-twenties are a time to try new things, to figure out who you really are, and to settle into life post-college. For me, my mid-twenties has largely been about attending weddings! Wedding fever is in full swing in the south, and several of my good friends are in the process of starting their lives as Mr. and Mrs. My college best friend, Kat, got married last month, and one of my childhood best friends, Chancey is getting married in October!

Chancey is one of those people who has the most infectious laugh.  If she's laughing, you can't help but laugh along with her. My mom and I threw a bridal shower for her last night at our house and had a wonderful time! It was her first wedding event of several, and I'm sure the rest will be just as fun! She got amazing gifts!

 The Table

 Fruit Bowl (Confession: its fruit from Chik-fila! It was delicious and beat cutting up all that fruit myself!)
 Almond flavored cake with Chancey's new monogram

 Chicken Salad Tarts (foreground), CheeseBall and Crackers (background)
 Veggie Tray
 Caprese Salad Kabobs with Reduced Balsamic Vinegar Glaze (my new favorite appetizer...I'm taking it everywhere!) I previously made it here
 White Chocolate Covered Strawberries (foreground), Pork Tenderloin on Rolls (background)
 Sheilah (hostess), Jeannie (Mother of the Bride), Chancey (Bride), Me (Hostess/Bridesmaid), Teresa (Hostess/My mom)
Lifelong Friends
 Chancey with 3 of her 5 Bridesmaids

We had a great turnout, I think in part because we held the shower on a Tuesday after work! Lots of guests came straight over from their jobs, instead of having to get out again after church on a Sunday.  We made sure to have some heartier food (pork tenderloin, chicken salad, etc), plus some wine--it is a party, afterall--to make sure our guests didn't go hungry!

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