Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Surviving the NOLA Bachelorette Party

My college best friend is getting married in July.  We met when we joined the same sorority the very first week of freshman year at The University of Tennessee.  I have tons of fun memories from college and the vast majority of them include Kat. From dancing the nights away at band parties on fraternity row, to sorority date functions, to football games, to spring break, to late nights studying on the sorority floor....Kat and I have been together through a lot.  During a particularly hard time in my life, she literally would pick me up off the floor and spend the night with me so I could sleep.  I couldn't ask for a more loyal or better friend, so it was necessary to send her out of the single life in a big way.

12 girls headed to NOLA on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. We had big plans to eat, drink, and celebrate Kat (and needless to say, all these were fulfilled!). We all had matching pink sunglasses which were so useful in keeping up with each other!

  • True story: got asked by a TSA officer at airport security if I was positive the pockets of my shorts were empty because they looked like they were full.  I got to reply that, yes, my pockets were empty, that it was just my round ass filling out my shorts.  The security guy was kind of embarrassed and quickly sent me through the metal detector. 
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend.
Kat rocking out at a bar.
Great friends!
Art in Jackson Square
Rooftop Pool Party

Such a fun weekend (that we all managed to survive)!

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